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Our Menu


A selection of some of our popular dishes.

Red Meat

Stick Meat

Meat pie mini cups

Beef suya sticks

Mini sausage rolls

Assorted meat suya

Veal parcels with vegetable shreds

Chilli and honey glazed lamb cutlets

Spiced minced beef lettuce cups

Tender pulled pork with toasted Agege bread

“Asun” Grilled goat meat in mini kidei boat

Meatball lollipops with sweet and spicy ata dindin sauce

Roast beef on Nigerian sweet bread with horseradish cream


Spring rolls

Mini akara bean burgers

Suya spiced baby vegetables

Yam balls, spicy eggplant dip

Chilli spiced fried yam frites

Mixed sweet peppers veggie cups

Jollof rice sushi rolls with avocado

Goats cheese and red onion tartlets

Ginger spiced plantain boats with peanuts

Sweet oloyin beans with plantain discs base

Dundun and Akara stack with caramelised red onions

Cocktail puff puff served plain, with cinnamon dust or chocolate drizzle


Chicken suya wrap

Chicken pie mini cups

Sticky peanut chicken sticks

Spiced mini chicken sliders

Chicken balls, sweet chilli dip

Chicken winglets suya with crème fraiche

Turkey gizzard with bell peppers skewers

Chicken pepper soup shooters, boiled yam & plantain

West African cocoa and chilli chicken mini bites

Pulled chilli spiced gressingham duck in a crisp cornet

Mango, ginger and chilli chicken in baby lettuce cups

Chicken salad with paprika in cucumber cups


Mini fish roll

Crab claws

Spiced fish cakes

Jollof sushi rolls

Butterfly prawns

Coconut prawns

Salmon and caviar blinis

Prawns suya with lime

Moin Moin topped with smoked makerel

Mini boiled yam discs with sardines stew

Cocoyam crisps, peppered dried shrimps dip

Plantain topped with smoked salmon, dill cream

Sample Starters

Prawns suya served with mango, carrot and coconut salad

Pulled chicken pepper soup with boiled yam and boiled plantain

Warm smoked mackerel salad with plantain croutons

Grilled aubergine stack with spinach, peppers and crushed melon seeds

Sample Mains

Creamed yam porridge mash, braised lamb shank, honey and mustard roasted baby gems

Griddled seabass, provençal vegetables with Agege bread, basil oil

Suya rub guinea fowl, saffron infused cranberry rice, wilted greens

Semolina gnocchi, seafood efo riro with scallops, lobster, crab meat and crayfish

Sample Desserts

Deconstructed apple crumble – caramelised apples with edible gold dust, apple crisp, vanilla bean ice cream, vanilla infused chin chin crumb

Grilled pineapple, lime crème fraîche, toasted coconut

Sample Menu 1

Native jollof rice with fish

Fried rice

Stewed beef

Garnished chicken

Fried fish with peppers and onions

Fried plantain cubes

Moin Moin

Nigerian salad


Sample Menu 2

Herb crusted salmon with sautéed spinach and peppers

Frenched lamb cutlets in ata dindin sauce

Sticky orange and chilli duck legs

Chilli yam roasts

Basmati jollof rice

Vegetarian fried rice with fresh vegetables

Ginger spiced plantains

Mixed leaves and edible flowers salad with classic vinaigrette

Red cabbage slaw with pomegranate seeds and black pepper


Stewed beef

Stewed mixed meats

Curry goat / chicken / vegetables

Spice rubbed grilled lamb chops

Braised beef cheek in red wine

Oxtail stew with root vegetables

Barbeque spare ribs

Jerk pork / chicken

Fried fish with peppers and onions

Poached salmon with peppers

Whole dressed salmon

Grilled sea bass fillets

Escovitch fish

Grilled fish with sautéed spinach and peppers

Prawns stir fry with vegetables

Barbeque chicken

Garnished chicken

Fried chicken

Stewed “hard” pulvera chicken

Grilled chicken

Suya rub chicken leg and thighs

Orange and chilli duck legs

Chilli chicken peanut stew

Whole spatchcock chicken suya


Efo riro

Spinach & Egusi


Bitter leaf soup


Afang soup


Jollof rice

Fried rice / Vegetarian fried rice

Coconut rice

Native jollof rice with palm oil & fish

Plain white rice

Ofada rice

Rice and peas

Pilau rice


Pumpkin rice

Spaghetti surprise

Macaroni and cheese

Stewed beans

Ewa aganyin

Chow mein

Yam porridge


Boiled yam

Fried yam

Roasted yam

Chilli spiced fried yam

Fried sweet potatoes

Chilli spiced fried sweet potatoes

Steamed baby potatoes with garlic butter

Nigerian sweet bread

Pounded yam



Fried plantain


Moin Moin (elewe & tin)



Coleslaw with pomegranate seeds

Apple slaw

Nigerian salad

Nigerian salad bar

Mixed leaf salad

Potato salad

Greek salad


Mango salsa

Pineapple salsa

Pasta salad

Cous cous salad


Mango and coconut cheesecake

Warm chocolate fudge cake with fresh strawberries

Warm apple crumble with vanilla custard

Red velvet fudge cake with raspberry and white chocolate

Individual cheesecakes

Warm waffles, vanilla ice cream, syrup and berries

Butter crepes served with ice cream and fruits

Fruit skewers

Frozen yoghurt with fresh fruits

Selection of ice cream

Fruit platter with mint sugar and coconut shaving

Strawberry, chocolate / toffee sundaes

Cinnamon dust puff puff, chocolate sauce, ice cream and berries

Mini cakes table

Sweets table

Chocolate fountain with fruits, marshmallows and mini puff puff


Assorted meat pepper soup

Fish pepper soup

Goat meat pepper soup

Dodo Gizzard

“Asun” smoked goat meat

Grilled fish, fried plantain, pepper, ginger and onion sauce

Stewed stick meat with grilled peppers


Spiced turkey gizzard in baby lettuce cups

Pulled chicken pepper soup with boiled yam and boiled plantain


Creamed white fish pepper soup

Grilled sardines and peppers on toasted Agege bread

Spicy plantain balls with green pea brûlée, green peas and rocket

Warm chicken, mixed leaves and peppered pineapples salad

Jollof Arancini balls, arrabiata sauce, baby leaf

Crispy duck rolls with chilli barbecue sauce

Smoked salmon with avocado, cucumber salad and oriental vinaigrette

Grilled scallops, tomato and roasted peppers chutney, ata dindin

Peppered curried chicken with mango mayonnaise



Tequila sunrise


Pina colada

Sex on the beach


Rum punch

Strawberry daiquiri

Bunana daiquiri



Blue lagoon

Strawberry zobo “hibiscus flower”

Opt for cocktails matching your event colours.
Contact us for details.

Edible Favours

Coconut candy

Chin chin

Fresh plantain crisps

Guguru & Epa (popcorn & peanuts)

Baba dudu pops (African candy)

We provide packaging for all favours matching your event style and colours.
Contact us for details.